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1-2 sets a week for free stays. Cool deal, lots of freedom sometimes.

I've been playing here once or twice a week for the past 4 months (July 23rd time of writing). I was already staying herre, and I noticed they had a DJ one night - so I asked them if I could DJ. The manager said sure. I asked them if electronic was fine and what they liked. Luckily for me, the manager said he'd prefer I play chill stuff, and that he he liked electronic. Sounded great to me!

First night I kept it mostly chill with a couple hard techno tracks and mix of very random stuff towards the end.

I will update with more details. but they essentially let me play whatever I want (most of the time). Sometimes I play reggaeton, pop, and sometimes the filthiest dark techno that would normally be reserved for a blood rave - depends on the guests of the week.

I feel like I've learned the most about DJing and reading crowds thanks to this gig. I've had to go out of my comfort zone multiple times, but it's let me explore many new genres in a fun and challenging way.

Staff is great, chill, friendly, and very tolerant when I play some stuff weird stuff.

Will update with more info and tidbits - I've been playing here for a while so there are some funny stories.