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Best start to the new year. Not actually on the lineup, but I was "& friends"

This story has a lot of funny parts, but starts off a little sad.

The days before this event was a tragedy and a half for me. I had just been forced to move out, things were looking bleak, and I hadn't completed my personal goal of getting another gig before 2021 had come to an end.

I was planning on staying in on New Year's Eve and just wallowing in self-pity. At the last minute, (literally 10 mins before 12 AM), I started scrolling through Instagram to see if I could find a casual event where I could possibly ask to plug in. I found an experimental music event that had zero cover and the phrase "open decks" on the flyer. It wasn't the flyer above, but I went there, listened to some good weird music, and stayed until the end just hoping that I could plug in. In the end it turned out that there would not actually be any open deck time contrary to the flyer.

I was super disapointed and tired, but I had NIX as my backup since it started in the morning, and also because they always let me in for free since I used to always share their flyers.

I got there at about 8am by myself, saw Chipsy playing, and that the dancefloor was already half-full. Seemed like people were coming in from all sorts of other events, namely Pervert and Por Detroit based on all the leather attire.

As usual I went to the front near the speakers and started dancing to Chipsy's super dark tech-house(?). There were people dancing behind him as it's common with NIX events. I usually don't like going behind the booths regardless of who I happen to know. It's just not my syle. Some guy dancing next to me asks who I was here with since I was dancing by myself, I tell him no one / that I came solo. And he starts feeling like a saint and trying to get me to hang with him and his girl 2 feet away - I was like I'm good, just chilling, don't worry about me bro, thanks and cheers. 5 minutes later I'm high fiving the DJs, hugging half the people there because even if I go solo, I'm almost never solo. 2 hours later I'm taking a nap on a bench behind the DJ booth. gan6 gan6 tourismo

At some point Kopo from the lineup arrived and saw me sitting down and asked me if I had my USB. That was big huge, and totally woke me up and pumped me up really hard. He'd seen me play for like 5 minutes once at a house party, and given my lowly status as an unknown DJ it boosted my confidence just knowing that one of the organizers of the party were comfortable with me playing.

I'm friends with Chipsy, he actually gave me a bunch of pointers on the CDMX rave scene that has been super helpful for this project, but at the time he was super worried about me getting behind the decks - which was 300% understandable. He didn't know how much time I had been spending on YouTube unfortunately.

Anyways, I tried to plug in a few times, sommeone told me to check with Jerry first (?), so I did, and he said yeah. But then Jerry got on the decks, and I asked himm again if I could plug in and he was like "in 30 mins" and I was like "bien!", but then Chipsy plugged in again, ... it was getting awkward for me.

At some point I just asked if I could play b2b with Jerry, and he said yeah and we started playing melodic house and techno. A couple tracks later, and I had most people's trust. I played some intense tech-house as well some minimal melodic techno which seemed to resonate with the aforementioned afters crowd.

About an hour or so later, Jerry left the floor to deal with something, and I was left to play solo. Most of the 20ish dancers were wearing leather and general Pervert attire so I took the opportunity to just go into industrial techno which got everyone excited.

As mentioned before, I usually go to events solo, look reserved, and generally I'm on the quiet side. None of the people there had seen me play before, so when I busted out the dark techno they were completely shocked in the best way possible.

45 minutes later Jerry and Chipsy came back to hear some of the dark techno, and I went back to playing some more chilled out music b2b.

This event started at 7, I got there at 8, started playing in the afternoon, and the party went till late evening. Jerry the absolute goat had the bar bring out drinks for everyone as well.

This was one of the best starts to the New Year for me and a post-last-minute-semi-save to the end of 2021 and my goal to play dark techno to people.