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First time my face was on a flyer! (This is the alternate version)

I was very excited about this event. The location was super chill, some of my favorite DJs had played here, and I was opening for some DJs I admired. This was my 3rd time playing to people, but my first time playing housey music.

My friend and soon-to-be roommate at the time was one of the event producers for 49 Basan and he knew that I was new and trying to get gigs. He asked me about a month before the event and I obviously said yes. I had been to a few parties at this location, and a couple of my favorite DJs had played here so I felt extremely fortunate to be considered. The requirement was that I had to open and play chill house music.

I was super excited, my face was on the flyer amongst a couple DJs who were much more experienced than I was and people that I admired.

On our way there I realized that I didn't transfer all the music that I needed, and also that I hadn't even downloaded them. I had messed up big time, but I had my laptop with me, we were geting there early, and I had the wifi to Basan.

As soon as we got there, I plugged in my laptop, and started ripping music off a YouTube playlist. This is super cringe, but I didn't know about compressed audio, and I kept reading on Reddit that most listeners can't even tell the difference - especially if you're not using huge speakers. For the record around half of the music I prepared was purchased from beatport.

It was a big time crunch and they were also taking some time to set up so everything luckily worked out.

I began playing, one of my DJ friends that I had invited also showed up for my set. He's a sound engineer and actually made some adjustments to the speakers to everyone's benefit.

The DJ who was going to play after me also came early just in case I'd mess up and need some assistance with my set. We were at an afer a couple months ago and he was showing me how to DJ so he knew I was new. The set went well, he didn't need to step in, I played my super melodic house music just fine, got compliments on my selection from DJs I respected, got drunk afterwards, and partied until Sunday morning.

Thanks to all the compliments my self-esteemm was at a new high. My dream of becoming a real gigging DJ stopped seeming so crazy thanks to all the feedback. Thanks to the confidence boost, I finally made the decision to go out an buy a humble DDJ400 and start practicing at home. For the next two months, I mostly stayed at home, kept watching more tutorials, practicing, and finding new music for almost 8+ hours every single day without much fear that I was just wasting time.