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My first time on a flyer!

1 or 2 months before, I began learning how to DJ from one of the darkest dark techno DJs in CDMX. Feeling a little confident, I started thinking about how to start landing gigs. I figured it would be hard for promoters to trust a new DJ so I figured my first step would be to get my name on a few flyers first (as social proof). I saw that El Real Under made an Instagram post about their open deck nights on Thursdays so I sent them a DM from my personal account. They replied a couple weeks later, asked for my DJ name, and where I was from. They sent over the flyer a day or two later while I prepped.

I used to go to a club with a similar vibe back in NY, and I figured industrial, EBM, and darker stuff would be acceptable. I ended up playing some trancey stuff as well from Viper Diva which I'd probably avoid doing now even though it was well recieved that night.

Anyways, I showed up and saw that the gear was older and far more worn out than I had expected. I had been watching a bunch of YouTube videos just in case something like this were to happen. The biggest issue was that I didn't have an adapter for my 3.5mm headphone jack. Luckily they had some very decent spare headphones which I used for the next 2 hours. I was scheduled for only 1 hour, but because the next 2 DJs got there a bit late I got to play longer (which is when I started reaching towards stuff Viper Diva because my library was pathetically small).

The set went well, there weren't many people, but the few people there were chatting and drinking which was more than enough for me.

Staff members were very cool, and were very graciouse when I needed help with my useless headphones.

I was invited to go there again, but I don't have the flyer anymore.