Rave Tips

105 Rave Tips

  1. If you only see videos of the mixer, the dancefloor is empty.
  2. Share to be shared with.
  3. Raving with company can be security.
  4. Raving solo is freedom.
  5. Going solo is better than going with unwanted company.
  6. Swiping through Instagram stories is research.
  7. Research an event to avoid disappointment.
  8. You’re with you forever and forevermore.
  9. Shop with purpose.
  10. Don't be afraid to window shop.
  11. Try to make your own decisions.
  12. The future is uncertain by definition.
  13. Plan your own trip and then see who wants to join you.
  14. Don’t pretend to like.
  15. Know your preferred footwear.
  16. Know thyself and thy moves.
  17. Rave to rave.
  18. Drink before if you’re going to drink.
  19. A list is of people moderately interested.
  20. Beyond every person is a persona.
  21. Behind every persona is a person.
  22. Be, but definitely not less.
  23. Be, but not more.
  24. Prep but don’t prepare.
  25. Don’t trust promoters for anything besides their promotions.
  26. Follow people with similar tastes for similar discoveries.
  27. Every artistic decision was/is a decision.
  28. Pray to yourself, for yourself, if you pray.
  29. Work on something at all times.
  30. Fool yourself no more than twice.
  31. Try to appreciate art and where it came from.
  32. Give feedback for feedback.
  33. Hype the dj with your energy/drugs.
  34. 11:11
  35. Your body creates drugs for your brain.
  36. Know your body on different drugs/food/emotions.
  37. Resolve issues when possible.
  38. Choose spontaneity- spontaneously.
  39. Try different genres and find the overlap.
  40. Try to enter for free and spend your savings at the bar.
  41. Know your strengths.
  42. Some people just want to hear that you like them.
  43. Keep your intentions clear.
  44. Know why you’re going to the party.
  45. Avoid twerking while your phone is in your back pocket.
  46. Keep your valuables in your front pockets.
  47. Share tips.
  48. Drink water before you go to sleep.
  49. If drunk, drink water before sleeping.
  50. Don’t exchange money on the dance floor.
  51. Don’t share it in the open.
  52. Bribe the bar to bring in a bottle.
  53. Barter.
  54. The price of a drug does not reflect quality.
  55. The entry cover does not reflect quality.
  56. 51. Drink more water than alcohol.
  57. You can't know what’s in any drug without testing.
  58. Rugs that smell bad can still be very strong.
  59. Beware of drinking too much water.
  60. Consider raving on an empty stomach.
  61. Not planning everything is okay.
  62. Bringing snacks is okay.
  63. Vote with your energy.
  64. Don’t encourage bad mixing.
  65. Don’t dance to music you don't like.
  66. Going as a large group? Ask for a group discount.
  67. Wearing a mask is okay.
  68. Cigarettes increase in value towards the end of a rave.
  69. You don’t have to be wise.
  70. It’s almost always wiser to sleep (in hindsight).
  71. You don’t have to after.
  72. There’s always an after.
  73. Beware of DJs who don't seem to care.
  74. It’s okay to take a break.
  75. Chugging the cheapest alcohol right before raving is okay.
  76. Using ear plugs is okay.
  77. Wearing shades is okay.
  78. DJs tend to have the best connects.
  79. Tacha is tacha.
  80. Some weekends are softer than others.
  81. Thursdays are generally for disco.
  82. Bring party favors to parties for random perks.
  83. Drug detox to lower your tolerance before an upcoming event.
  84. Consider a nap before raving for more energy.
  85. Different days of the week are for different crowds.
  86. "Everything in moderation, including moderation."
  87. Research the lineup to avoid wasting time.
  88. Partying completely sober is a valid option.
  89. Know your tastes.
  90. Become a music snob to some degree.
  91. If you frequent a place, regularly tip for random perks.
  92. If you smoke you can sometimes open invisible doors.
  93. Consider ear plugs.
  94. Prioritize protecting your trip.
  95. Abandon bad afters.
  96. Figure out which days are best for raving.
  97. Figure out what kind(s) of nutrients you enjoy raving on.
  98. Treat foods like drugs.
  99. Stay awake for hallucinations on a budget.
  100. 1 good event is better than multiple mediocre events.
  101. Reflect on what's working and what isn't.
  102. Reflect on your drug experiences.
  103. Avoid listening to music you like in miserable environments.
  104. Don’t stay if you’re not enjoying yourself.
  105. Trust your gut.