Press Kit

Email: s@sli.st
Instagram: @sli.st96
WhatsApp: +1 212-321-0632

25 and from NYC, and embarassingly new to techno. Went to his first rave in March'21. Arrived in CDMX on June'21 and got addicted to the darker sounds after his first weekend. Prompty cancelled all future travel plans. By the end of August he was learning from one of the hardest industrial DJs in CDMX. Within the following month, he was invited to play at The Real Under, open for B Space at 49 Basan, and DJ for a few hours at the New Year's after party at NIX. Currently trying to collect all the gym badges before going back home at the end of 2022.

variety of electronic genres but almost exclusively the darker variants: ambient, melodic techno, minimal, industrial acid, apocalyptic gabber, a few seemingly random genres like dembow, pop, synthwave, and rock.

sli.st is currently going through a dark tech house, speedy minimal, and apocalyptic industrial phase. His sets are fun, bouncy, but always dark. He usually likes to sprinkle some different genres before taking his audiences on a deep dive into some truly dark cathartic melodies.


Past DJ sets: Flyers and reflections


  • flyers may use my DJ name and/or logo, but not my face
  • 1 hour: $750 mxn, 2 hours: $1000; payment after set
  • 4+ guestlist for other local influencer friends to help promote the event

As a bonus, I am one of the biggest and most influential promoters of the local techno scene through my work as @cdmx.flyer.wey (past username). I am more than happy to leverage all my connections to help spread the event flyer, and also help sell tickets online (preferably with a discount for my followers) - via very agressive social media marketing.

Text and Logos:

  • "sli.st" should preferably be kept lowercase as it is a reference to the URL of this website
  • if the font can be specified, please use Arial, or another sans-serif font