I want to record my DJ experiences so that I can reflect on my progress in the future. I think this content will be fun to look back on as I continue to make progress in the underground scene. It might even help someone else going through the same challenges I've faced and am currently facing. Perhaps some people will be interested in the behind the scenes stuff that is often not discussed.

In each of these reflections, or diary entries, I will try to give some context to my mental state, the preceding events, the consequences, the lessons, and all the funny and serious stuff in between.

The goal isn't to be humourous, but given the rolling trajedy of my life, I'm sure there will always be something to laugh about in my recollections.

As I hopefully get to play at more intense events, I will try to include content such as photos and videos.

I also want to include relevant events and flyers in my EPK - but I don't want to just list a bunch of flyers - I want the content to be a bit more interesting even if no one else besides me reads this stufff.