I think I can offer a bunch of practical tips to my fellow ravers and help them avoid a bad rave experience.

This is also another creative outlet.

A few months ago I used to post rave stories and tips (very unstructured) on instagram. They were mostly random post-after recovery musings. They usually got a lot of good responses. Sometime in November, someone approached me in-person to confirm if I was SLi.ST just so they could compliment me on a rave tip from the first couple months of the project. That was very touching as this project was still very anonymous.

The content is meant to inspire re-sharing. Hopefully this introduce people to all the other content on this website. This content is also very friendly for search engine discoverability. "Rave Tips and Tricks" sounds pretty easy to market and optimize.


  • 1000 tips
  • increase overall viewership
  • increase social media followership
  • save atleast 1 raver from a bad trip/after