What does sli.st stand for?

The concept of sli.st has gone through many changes. Therefore it's probably best to explain everything going backwards- starting with the current definition, and then explaining the origins of the name.



sli.st is pronounced as two syllables. The letter S, and the word "list".



  1. a list or group of artworks curated by sli.st
    Did you check out the latest sli.st of mangas?

  2. a special guestlist
    What's up with the line? My name is on the sli.st!

  3. a set of top-tier units
    The flyer for this event is on the sli.st so it must be worth looking into!


  1. DJ personality
    I think sli.st is one of the people back there.

  2. this website's domain name
    You can just type sli.st in your search bar.

  3. the name of a community dear to my heart
    sli.st is an idea, the person is anonymous, anyone could be sli.st, we're all sli.st!


Before I came up with the name, I had decided that I wanted to start a project for finding events and re-sharing flyers so that fellow ravers and I could make better informed decisions about our nightlife.

During the brainstorming phase a few words and phrases stuck out to me such as: S class, S tier, guestlist, slaylist, "S----'s List of CDMMX events", "the S Rated List of personally interesting events", and more.

One of the requirements was that it had to be 2 syllables or less so that it would be easy to pronounce and brand.

The letter S was probably chosen because it worked as a reference to my real name, and also because it made it seem more personable, and thus easier to brand. The fact that S could also be used as a grade above A was probably the deciding factor. On top of sharing events, I had also determined that the end game would be curate events for maximum value.

The current spelling and capitalization is a direct reference to the URL of this website. Typing the name on most texting apps brings up the website which is also interesting.

As I'm finally transitioning away from sharing flyers, sli.st is now more about introducing people to new cultures via curated lists of entertainment such as movies, mangas, anime, and of course, my curated playlists for DJing.