"SLi.ST" or "S List" was originally a play on the word "guestlist".

This is a different type of guestlist- something a bit more permanent. The requirements for getting on the list changes, but you only sign up once for all current and future events.

I've spoken with a few major collectives and they would love to offer free entry (and more lol) to every single person I invite.

My deal with organizers is that I will help them bring energy to their dancefloors. In exchange I get some free drinks and everyone on the list gets in for free.

My deal with you, the people on the list, is that you get in for free. You can optionally give me and/or the event a shoutout to help support the scene, spend your savings at the bar, buy me a shot, or just dance, up to you.

The only criteria for being on the list is your ability to bring positive energy to the dancefloor.


  • 50 - WhatsApp group
  • 100 - Participating collectives will be posted here

Signups are currently invite only.

How it works

  • organizers go on the website to see the list of members

  • you confirm your membership at the door by displaying your @social_media account

  • proof of membership 1/2: your IG username on the list

  • proof of membership 2/2: showing your social media profile while logged in

  • free entry will be redeemable throughout the entire event

  • no membership tiers

  • no renewal fees